Tunnel towards light
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If you are looking to be impressed by eloquent sentences with fancy words that will prove how intelligent and educated I am, well, you have picked the wrong book. This is not to say this book is not eloquent and fancy. The simple words become eloquent and fancy within yourself, with a little thought and patience. The magic will be found within yourself, not in the words of this book, with a little thought. This book has no power without your thought.

A book of thought is like the process of cooking. Some dishes will be to hot, and some too cold for many. Not all are ready for a heavy meal. Not all are ready for deeper understanding. If this is you, then now is the time to put down this book.

This book will go against some of your ingrained beliefs. It will be easier to reject new ideas than to let go of what you are comfortable with. It may affect you in your social circles to accept the ideas in this book. If you are afraid of this, then now is the time to resist this book.

A book of thought could never be finished, as thoughts evolve and deepen. And new thoughts will build on the old. What was written today may have more pieces tomorrow, a process that will never end. It is the fool who believes there is no more unfolding of truth.

Do you want the red pill or the blue pill? There is no going back. Free your mind, the possibilities are endless. The choice is yours.

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