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Foreword by the Author

The original purpose of this book was for my children, to give them food for thought. I thought, what a treasure to a great grandson or grand daughter, when I am long gone.

My goal while writing this book was to make it as easy to understand as possible. I have tried to keep the grammar as simple as possible, as not to make complex subjects more difficult to understand.

I have tried to make each sentence important to the subject. I have focused on getting to the point, leaving out filler to make the book bigger

This book was not intended to be completed at one sitting, which could easily be done because of its small size. This book can be completely read, but not understood at one sitting. No more than one chapter a day is my recommendation.

I wish I had the ability to make my explanations more clear to understand than what I've written. Much of it will be rejected because of my inability's to clarify. Because of lack of words, one will only see the deeper meaning with the help of God. I only have the seed to offer, not the ability to make the seed grow to a fullness.

I have spent my adult life searching for more truth. I have pondered, prayed, and listened to try and understand. If I can inspire just one soul with what I have heard, I will consider this work a success

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