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Thought Four



I once thought it possible that just the right ingredients would eventually mix, lightening would strike, with eternity for it to happen.  But then a thought crossed my mind.  Is it the tangible materials that give life, or something else?  My life experiences tell me it is a life force, many call a spirit that gives life, not the right mixture of tangible ingredients.  There is no tangible life without a non tangible life force, ruling out traditional teachings of evolution as truth.  Does that rule out all forms of evolution?  I think not.

Understanding the truth about evolution starts with understanding the eternal truths of creation found in thought one.   There is the tangible and the non tangible life force that make up the embodied.  I will first discuss the tangible evolution that make up the raw materials of bodies.

Everyday everything becomes more of something. The sorigence of an idea combines with another idea becoming an intelligence. Intelligence grows off itself through introspection and sometimes learns new ideas, becoming more of something. Some forms of intelligence, in great amounts, turn into energy in all its forms. Some forms of energy have mass, demonstrated by lights ability to be affected by gravity. Large amounts of energy in mass form are the building blocks of tangible matter.

The beginning of beginnings started with the sorigence of ideas that have always existed. Ideas that multiply quicker are realized ideas. Our existence is made of prevalent ideas that have duplicated greatly. The unrealized ideas compare to an electron lost in the oceans of our world. The realized ideas become like growing oceans of intelligence. Certain intelligence's naturally attract to each other forming the ingredients of energies and matters of our existence.

Time has no limits. The process of the formation of energies and mass has gone on for infinite. We see things only in finite terms, and therefore have not detected them. The formation of even an atom may have taken trillions of years. But how many trillion years fits in eternity?

The speed of which all existence grows also increases infinitely. There is more intelligence to duplicate now then there was yesterday. And there will be much more tomorrow.

The boundaries of existence constantly grows in all directions. If you tried to reach the boundaries of existence, it would move by the time you could get there. I can only imagine what it would look like.

Tangible mass, like magnets, have natural attractions to each other. This reality causes the masses to combine and forms stars, planets etc. Forms of energy mixed in, like velocity, prevent all matter from forming into one body. Higher intelligence's can also control the combination of free masses to organize worlds, bodies, using raw ingredients to create useful things much like we do.

Now I will explain the non tangible life force.  The evolution of the non tangible life force starts out much like that of the tangible, from the eternal sorigence.  All sorigence contains a preconsciousness.  The eternity of time allowed certain forms of sorigence to duplicate and combine in just the right mixture.  This mixture changed the intelligence forming from that of a preconscious state to that of conscious one, the beginning of the first life force.  Like a new baby, the consciousness of this new spirit grew stronger with time. 

The first life force was very alone, but did not understand alone.  What has happened once, will happen twice.  A second spirit evolved.  Time led to the meeting of two conscious beings.  The companionship found at that meeting led them to conclude that it is not good to be alone.  What has happened twice will happen many times, of which evolved many spirits.

As the consciousness of the early ones grew, they began to recognize the tangible world.  Through their research, they began to understand the properties of tangible world.  This knowledge gave them a desire to experience the tangible world.

Through much research, they learned to organize and enter bodies, which allowed them to experience the tangible world.  By doing, they came to understand that there is much to learn and experience in a tangible body, which promoted the greatness of a being. 

During their progression, much like that of parents, the early spirits discovered a joy in helping less experienced life forces grow and mature into their own greatness.  This found joy led them to create bodies for less experienced spirits.

Like with any design process, the first bodies were crude and unsophisticated.  But a refinement came with each new improvement upon older designs, leading to the bodies we appreciate today.

They learned that not all bodies were beneficial to just any life force.  Less experienced spirits benefited from less sophisticated designs, and more experienced spirits benefited from more sophisticated designs, giving us the great variety we enjoy today.

Earlier designs required a new body be created for each new life force to experience the tangible world.  Also as environments changed, new bodies had to be created that would function in the new environment.  This required much upkeep to give new spirits the opportunity to experience the tangible.  Later designs enabled new bodies to be produced by existing ones, and also the newer designs were made to adapt and produced offspring that better adapted to changing environments, greatly decreasing the upkeep to giving spirits tangibles experiences.

The design feature that allows for adaptation has brought much confusion to mankind’s understanding of the source of bodies.

Mankind has manipulated this design feature for their own benefit, mostly in their food supply. They have made corn sweeter, cows fatter, eggs bigger. But have also used it to make dogs smaller, cats tamer, and horses faster.

Mankind is now beginning to learn the secrets of the original designers, and now are able to make design changes that are not a direct result of breeding.  Mankind is the direct result of a design change made by those advanced to mankind, but not the original designers.  These modifiers were slightly more technologically advanced than mankind is today when they made the changes.  All missing links are explained by direct modifications that would not produce bodies found between two designs.

The truth is that both evolution and then intelligent design played roles in the tangible life as we know it today, and would not exist without both.  Our advancing discoveries in life sciences will someday prove that our bodies are nothing but well designed machines.

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