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Thought Seventeen


The new day has just begun. The sun was finding its way through the living room window on a early November morning.

Three boys, ages five, three, and two sit and enjoy the spoils of the recent Halloween holiday. The oldest brother found a razor blade. He trades the razor blade for some of the three year olds candy.

Shortly after the deal is made the three year old hears a woman's voice calling his name. The voice is soft and sure. The three year old believes his mother is calling him.

With his new toy in hand he runs to his mothers room to find out the reason for the hailing. Not understanding the strangeness of the situation, the boy wakes his mother and asks what she wants.

As his mother wakes she realizes the danger and quickly confiscates the boys hazardous toy.

Story two- A young man has a friend that works and plays with objects, a crystal ball ect., that provide paths to the unseen. He has heard of the dangers that such behaviors can bring and finally convinces his friend to give up the practice. She also agrees to rid herself of some of the objects used in the craft and asks the young man to dispose of them for her. He agrees to take them from her and places them in his bag for later disposal.

The next morning the young man feels himself being choked. He cannot move and he cannot wake. Realizing his struggle is out of his hands, in his mind he prays to God to save him from the situation. In an instant he is released, wakes, and jumps up in bed.

He looks at the end of the bed and sees the bag with the objects in it. The disposal was taken care of immediately and the problem never returned.

Story three- It is right at the waking moment and a young man begins to rise. His head only rises a couple of inches and he feels very heavy. During the brief moment his head is up he is able to see one of his room mates in the kitchen. His room mate is wearing a blue jogging outfit and doing dishes.

The young man falls back, and moments later he wakes up for real and sits up in bed. He once again looks in the kitchen and sees his roommate wearing a blue jogging outfit and doing dishes. Nothing was different, all was the same as during the first rise.

Story four- A man is out of town doing work. He picks a motel and pulls in for the night. He watches a little TV then lays his head down for the night. Just as he is reaching a deep sleep he feels something walking on his bed and on his legs.

He tries to rise and examine the situation. His body doesn’t respond. He knows immediately that his body is asleep and not responding. The movement on his bed continues, raising his frustration level that his body won’t respond. He begins to yell at himself, "Wake Up!!" The movement on his bed, a light walking feeling, continues.

After a few minutes the movement disappears, yet the fight to wake continues. Finally the man wakes himself and looks around to see an empty room.

Story five- A mechanic walks into the workshop for the factory he works at. He works the swing shift and is the only mechanic on duty. He starts working on a project and realizes that the shop grinder is on. He wonders who left it on and walks over to turn it off. When he flips the switch he hears the motor speed up. He realizes the grinder was not turned on and was running less than operating speed. He then turns it off and the grinder comes to a stop. No-one else was in the workshop when this happened.

Story six- A man is working on his computer and visiting with his wife. All the lights are on in the house and all the window blinds are closed. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a person size dark cloud/shadow run by the door of his computer room. A little surprised and expecting a negative answer, he looks to his wife and asks, "Did you see that?"

His real surprise came when his wife said, "Yes, I did see it." He asked her to describe what she saw. Her description was identical to his experience, a person size dark cloud.

Story seven- A husband and wife are coming home from eating dinner out. As they pull into their driveway they see man hunch down looking out the window of their house. He took off and was gone instantly. It looked like a spirit, yet the husband was still concerned someone might be in their house. Cautiously he entered the house, yet his heart knew the true nature of his visitor.

The neighbors parents and grandfather lived in the house. The grandfather had died while living in the house. The neighbor said her grandfather used to always look out the same window and fit the description of the visitor.

In a world that wants proof, the acceptance of ghosts and spirits is evasive. Just because tangible proof of spirits has not come forth does not mean they do not exist.

My experiences tell me that they do exist. I have never sought out these type of experiences, yet having them has shown me the truth. Obtaining proof is such a personal event.

Hand a few experiences to the critics and there would be no critics left. But there would be new ones born to replace them.

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