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Thought Three

Guiding Ones

Own Formation

As an intelligence gains more control over its own formation, it is left with more choices. These choices can lead the intelligence to greatness or to the intelligence's demise. The choices made greatly effects an intelligence's growth.

All growth will be either positive or negative. Growth is what the intelligence learns, thinks and experiences. Some growth is very positive and some growth is very negative. Some growth is just a little positive and some growth is just a little negative. Some growth may be neutral.

Positive growth comes from ideas that leads one to feelings of happiness, peace, joy, and love. Negative growth comes from ideas that leads one to feelings of stress, anger, depression, and sorrow.

Understand that everyday all intelligence's becomes more of something. Everyday all beings become either more positive or more negative. An intelligence will think what it is made of, thereby naturally becoming more of what it already is.

This truth can be a blessing or a curse to an intelligence. If an intelligence has more positive than negative, its thoughts will tend to be more positive. Through natural progression the being will grow more positive, because the source of the growth is more positive. If the positive intelligence continues on this path, the negative within will slowly be diluted by the positive flow of thought. It will become easier and easier for the intelligence to think, and therefore grow positive. With much time the intelligence will become almost all positive because the negative has been diluted. Some might call this eternal life.

This pattern of progression can also go the other way. If an intelligence is more negative it will tend to think negative. These negative thoughts and attitudes will grow and the intelligence will become more negative. It will become harder and harder for the intelligence to be positive. With time the intelligence will become almost all negative, because the positive has been diluted. Some might call this damnation.

As a general rule, intelligence's will naturally become more of what they already are without an outside influence. That outside force initially for an intelligence is a higher intelligence which guides it. As the intelligence develops, it gains a conscience, the power to guide itself. The conscience gives the intelligence the power to choose. It can choose positive, or it can choose negative. Although an conscience intelligence will naturally become more of what it already is, it has the power to change its direction.

Turning a negative progression around is not always easy and requires work. The intelligence must control itself to be positive. This requires discipline. The conscience must take control over its intelligence and focus on positive thoughts even when it feels negative. Also the intelligence must avoid behaviors that lead to negative experiences and thoughts. As the negative is

diluted it will become easier to be positive and have a natural positive progression.

Higher intelligence's understand behaviors and thoughts that promote positive growth and avoid the negative. Instruction is given to lower intelligence's from the higher intelligence's to guide them to positive growth. This instruction is based on eternal principles with proven results.

This instruction is similar to instruction given by a loving parent. A parent will tell their small child not to play in the street. Why? Because the parent understands the danger of a small child in the street. The small child may not like the guidance, because of its lack of understanding. What is best for the child is not always what it may want at the time. The instruction from higher intelligence may not be what one wants to hear, but it gives direction for the good of the intelligence.

There are thoughts and behaviors that leave a steady flow of negative upon a intelligence. I will illustrate this using a grudge holder. The unforgiving one that holds a grudge welcomes a poisonous flow of negative upon itself. The target of the grudge is generally on its merry way, left unaffected by the grudge. Who is hurt by the grudge? The one holding it. What would a higher intelligence ask one to do with a grudge? What would be the smart thing to do with a grudge? The grudge holder must forgive. Forgiveness is not designed to benefit the target of the grudge, although it may be a byproduct of the action. Forgiveness is designed to pull the source of poison from the grudge holder. Forgiveness does not mean forget, and leave yourself open for future injury. It means letting go of ill feelings and desire for vengeance. But sometimes a grudge holder will not want to free itself, disregarding instruction of a higher intelligence.

Other thoughts and behaviors promote a positive flow and helps cleanse one of negatives in their growth flow. I will use charity as an example. Serving and helping others is very positive. The actual action of serving speeds up the level of growth, and the growth is good. It helps break one of selfishness and laziness, which are two negatives in a growth flow. For one to sit around and think about their problems is very negative. Charity takes one from negative for the time of service, and replaces it with great positive. Lower intelligence's are instructed to have charity. Selfishness and laziness sometimes leads one to disregard such council. The disregard of such council is directly against one’s own good.

There are some intelligence's out there that would force positive behavior upon other intelligence. Coercion would prevent one from having negative behavior. The ills of negative behavior would be eliminated. Many sorrows would be avoided. There would be order in the streets.

But what cost does such a plan have? The joy of freedom would be crushed. The lessons from mistakes would not be learned. The coercion would produce negative growth in of itself.

There is an eternal battle going on regarding forced compliance versus freedom with the accompanying sorrow. Its a battle that shows itself in different forms upon the earth.

Experiencing negative and sorrow are very important for one to reach a higher level of positive growth. Without sorrow, one is left ignorant to the joy positive things bring. Graditude is one of most powerful and lasting sources of positive intelligence one can experience. One must taste some bitter before they will understand the sweet.

The poor man will enjoy and appreciate luxury much more than the one born to it. Health will be more valued after being sick. Try eating after going hungry. God’s greatness and glory will give awe after living upon the earth a while.

The eyes of the ignorant will be opened to life's deeper meaning. The trials brought by the bitter will bring maturity upon a person. Consequences of wrong decision will give understanding. Is it possible that some trials were chosen experiences by one before coming to this life, knowing they could give understanding and strength?

How humble is one who’s experienced no trial. How strong is one who’s had no opposition? How glorious is the one who has overcome nothing? How honored will the one who hasn’t struggled be? Greatness comes from conquering ones own trials.

Common trials can also build camaraderie. Spend some time in the trenches with someone and a respect and reverence can be gained. This life is the trenches compared to the bigger picture.

There is reason and purpose to much sorrow we experience, although much is also the results of bad behavior, bringing needless suffering.

A rock has not experienced joy or sorrow as we understand it. It is not alive in the traditional sense. Without joy and sorrow, from where does the intelligence gain life? Joy has no meaning without sorrow, being dead. Joy and sorrow are core ingredients to life.

The most important thing one can do is grow from their trials, rejoice in its fruits of experience. Reminisce on the understanding it has brought. Be positive and keep from being overcome by the negative. Realize its necessity as a part of life.

Many mental health problems are caused by one being overcome by negative. Learning to be positive and overcoming the negative leads to mental health and strength.

The spirit and the body are so much alike in their needs. Just like the body, the spirit needs food, a new flow of intelligence. Many people eat a big meal, yet feel hungry deep in their heart. It is their spirit that is hungry. There is healthy food and junk food. Many have not fed their spirit at all for a while, leaving an emptiness. Positive activity is healthy food, recreation is junk food, and idleness is no food. Negative thought and behavior is poison, which leads to unhappiness.

In the end all are ultimately responsible for their growth. No one can be forced to think positive, or become positive. No one can reap positive growth for another, no matter badly they may want to. All are the captain of their own existence, no matter how badly they may to run from the responsibility. It is impossible to run from oneself. All are eternal creations, so the fact is that what you become, you will live with forever.

The greatest favor one can do for themselves is find the positive path today and get on it, since it is impossible to escape the negative created by going off the positive path. At death, you will arise from your body, and find the same old you. You will just find the same types of problems in a different realm.

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