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Thought Eight

The Meaning of Heaven


Thoughts of harps and white robes, just inside the pearly gates dominate modern images of heaven. Although the experience, like a rock concert, would lift the spirits for a time, the effect would fade. Many definitions of heaven are so fuzzy that it leaves one to wonder what they are aiming for. With the end so unclear, the requirements to enter become even more unclear.

Although the true meaning of heaven may not be fully understood in this life, there are many steps along the way that can be understood. But there is one solid truth, no-one will be forced into heaven.

Entering heaven will be a privilege, not a right. All entering will choose to be there. Social idealist have tried to force their subjects to live the path to heaven, failing dismally. Corrupt leadership and coercion crushed the goodness and spirituality of the society they tried to form. Heaven only works with all its participants willingly doing their part, with all others excluded.

The fact is that when many find out what heaven is, they may not want to be there. God loves all his creations and will have a suitable place for the unwilling, not necessarily a bad place.

Let’s examine heaven. Imagine a place where everyone tells the truth, is honest in all of their dealings, and has reverence for other people. What would become of a society that follows the basic commandments given by higher intelligence?

One of the largest effects on society would be the elimination of most jobs. Think of all the jobs which are designed to protect society from itself. Police, attorneys, judges, bankers, cashiers, locksmiths, military, military equipment and supplies, accountants, tax collectors, security officers, insurance, stock brokers, jail and prison guards, bill collectors, and many more not listed. Half the job of many other jobs would be eliminated. Think of all the time spent on paperwork trying to keep inventories and money straight. How much time is spent healing or repairing from criminal behavior?

With the elimination of so many jobs, what would these unemployed do for a living? The policeman would now work the other half of the farmers job. And the cashier would now work half of the policeman's new job which was half of the farmers job. Those building tanks would now build cars. The locksmith could build houses. With a little thought it is not hard to realize that everyone could work less and the total productivity of society would remain the same. Everyone could work a ten hour work week and keep the same material standards of living enjoyed at todays forty hour work week. The standard would double with a twenty hour work week, meaning a big house for everyone and a new car in the driveway.

There would be no need for money in a society of honest people. One would show up at the supply house and simply take what was honestly needed. One would work their required time of labor without coercion, because their honor knew it was right. Many would work more than required, simply for something to do. Thoughts of outdoing the Jones’ would be eliminated, as material accumulation would not be a sign of accomplishment.

Many things would be shared in a advanced society. Do you want to go water skiing? Go to the lake and there is a line of boats waiting. These boats are owned by everyone. Take a boat and have a good time. The condition is that the boat must be returned as found. One’s honor would inspire them to comply with such conditions of decency. Do you want to play basketball? There is a box of balls next to every court. Have you dreamed of learning to fly? There’s an airplane at the airport ready for your use.

There would be alot of extra time found in a higher society. This time could be spent with family, travel, relaxing, hobbies, but most importantly on learning.

The man hours spent learning and doing research would explode. Technological advances would accelerate at rates beyond our comprehension. Many of the remaining jobs would be simplified by these advances. Interplanetary travel would soon be upon us with such progress.

Some fear these types of technological advances by mankind, and therefore resist our progress towards heaven. They purposely promote behaviors against the ways of heaven to stunt our progression.

Obedience to higher laws is required to enter into heaven, a higher society. What would happen to the tranquility of a higher society if those not obeying its higher laws were allowed in. That tranquility would be destroyed and ruined for those deserving of the higher society.

This is easily illustrated with situations upon the earth. What damage and turmoil can a thieving murderer bring upon our society? What will happen to the disobedient once caught? He is removed from society. Once in prison, a lower society, the disobedient continues his unrestrained ways. What may happen to this person? He will be placed in an even lower society, until left in solitary confinement. Within the rebellious souls mind, I’m sure they could find more havoc, even in solitary confinement.

As illustrated, greater obedience leads to the privilege of participating in a higher society, while disobedience leads to the removal from. Participation in a higher society leads to greater freedoms. Obedience to higher laws builds trust, a most important key to gaining entrance into a higher society.

God has many great things he would like to share with us, intelligence's he has led from our early beginnings. He can teach and guide us to learn many great things. The quality and quantity of the growth of our intelligence could be greatly improved with his great hand upon us. But can one be trusted with the knowledge gained from this great teacher?

Do you place bomb instructions in the hands of a mad man? Do you put a machine gun in the hands of a mass murderer? Some knowledge and tools can be dangerous if placed in the wrong hands.

God will only apprentice those worthy of greater learning once they have proven their trustworthiness. The knowledge to build worlds could also be used to destroy them as well. The evil could form intelligence's for which they could molest. The proud and vain could be given greater power to make havoc among all creation.

The path to Gods presence and training is obedience, for obvious reasons. Those who are purposely ignorant will not make it. One must know the laws before they can follow them. Trust is not something that can be built in a day, or by words alone. Trust is established by patterns of behavior. Will you leave the child molester alone in your house with your kids, just because he says he’s sorry and won’t do it again?

God, in his infinite wisdom, has many levels of societies or reincarnations in which an intelligence may reside. Some will be denied greater things, not because he doesn’t love his creation gone astray, but because he must protect the tranquility of the higher society.

With complete justice and fairness, each will be placed at there own level, with others that have similar behavior. Some will be happier at a lower level, finding the laws of a higher one to difficult. Others will find their position unbearable, being denied higher knowledge, and left with intelligence's that behave like themselves.

This life is most important to building trust and entering a higher society. Who a person really is comes forth when no one is watching. The child molester does not perform evil in a crowded room. The thief doesn’t steal from the police station. The student doesn’t cheat with the teacher watching.

Wrong is usually done when a person believes no one is watching, or believe they won’t be punished. God is always watching, and can see what is happening. But this life gives one a sense that no one is watching, and therefore the freedom to show their true colors.

This life is a great opportunity to earn trust and progress. God is very careful not to interfere with peoples actions in this life, so as not to damage the testing opportunity. Much suffering will occur due to poor decisions, a fact that sorrows God, but this life is a short season compared to eternity. All understood the risks before coming to participate in this great opportunity.

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