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Thought Seven

The Nature of God

Traditional teachings state that "God",  or to the less religious, "an all powerful consciousness" is the source of all creation.  To them, my word sorigence is just another name for the all powerful "God" consciousness.  Creation is a result of the thoughts of the all powerful "God", and all things came into being, because "God" thought it into existence,  as  the traditional teaching goes.  The truth is quite the opposite.

Sorigence is not an organized consciousness containing an awareness, like that of God, although is contains seeds that are preconscious. With the correct forms and volumes of sorigence, conscious intelligence is formed.  Because sorigence is not conscious, it does not think or will things into existence.  Sorigence duplicates and intertwines all forms of itself producing our existence through natural and slow processes. 
But as one understands the truths of creation, the true nature of God slowly comes into focus.  Like all other aspects of existence, God evolved from sorigence, into the great being we know and love.  There are two main differences between God and lower intelligence's (mankind). They are the length of time of the formation, and the materials that make up the intelligence.

God, a higher intelligence, had his formation started well before any person upon the earth. Everyday, all learn and become more of something. Because God was formed well ahead of those upon the Earth, he has had much more time to learn and to become the great intelligence that he is. He is master of reincarnation.

How many doctorate degrees could one obtain if they had a million years to study for them? How many research papers could be written and experiments performed over a million year span? What if the source of learning was pure, without theory, about all truth’s? How knowledgeable and wise could one be after a million years of productive learning and growth?

To answer these questions is to begin to understand the greatness and power of God. His knowledge and power are far beyond what those upon the Earth can begin to comprehend. Can a new born comprehend the theories of Einstein? Earth bound intelligence is in the same relationship with God.

It is confounding that many will blow off the council of God as foolishness.

The second difference between God and lower intelligence is the materials of his intelligence. God understands the eternal principles to follow that promote happiness. He knows what will promote a positive flow of intelligence. He follows and obeys all the council that he gives to us. Because of this Gods growth is a constant flow of positive intelligence. His negative has been diluted to almost nonexistent.

God has used his time wisely. Some intelligence's will use a million years for laziness, bitterness, and selfishness. Although some of these behaviors are fun and easy, they will not lead to greatness. I think of some upon the Earth who spend their whole life's lounging, trying to have fun, or find pleasure. I’m sure they will spend the next million years doing the same. Their growth will be very neutral, and in many cases negative. God has used his time learning and developing positive.

God has mastered all the social graces, such as kindness, sophistication, charm etc. If one was to meet God they would be quite impressed, even if they didn’t know he was God. For most, it would be quite a pleasant experience to speak with God. He would always say the right things, be an excellent listener, and would be in careful balance between being aloof and intrusive to those around him. He would not be arrogant or stuck-up. And he would not be easily offended or look for reasons not to like one. He would not try to force respect. Most would feel at ease around him, like a close friend. It would be very difficult not to like him for his personality.

His other skills would be most impressive. Libarace would be in awe at his piano playing, Leonardo fascinated at his painting, and Andretti shocked by his driving. Betty Crocker (I know she’s not real, just a symbol) would be asking for recipes. He has had a long time to develop these skills, much longer than the life times these greats have had. These skills are only child's play compared to his greatness. He would be the champion of all earthly skills.

His experience has given him great wisdom. He is perfectly just in all he does. Yet many have denied him because something traumatic has happened in their life.

Many will say, "If there was a God he wouldn’t allow war." Or they might say something like, "If there was a God he would not have allow my child to be killed." The list can go on why there can't be a God.

There are many reasons why God does allow these events to happen. Many injustices do greatly displease God and his justice will occur in due time.

God will not interfere directly, because to do so would be to disrupt the precious test and training this life is, for all involved in the interference. How would Gods power coming down to strike someone change your behavior? The hand of faith would now be sure knowledge, ending the test of faith. Some may not be done testing in this life, cutting short their opportunity to prove themselves worthy of greater things.

Gods ways are not that of coercion. This life would not be a test if correct behavior was forced. Who's freedom does God come and take away first? Do you want to be forced into correct behavior for a lifetime? Would you resent God after a lifetime of forced correct behavior?

Is it possible that sometimes people suffer or die because they chose the event as part of their learning in this life? Is it possible that it was just their time to go? Tragedies sometimes are a part of the plan, and sometimes the result of someone using their freedom wrong.

This life is but a short season compared to eternity. Justice will have its time and place. Sometimes justice finds it way in this life. God may discretely send a curse upon the wrongdoer, in a way as not to interfere with the test this life is. The wrongdoer may appear fine on the outside, but inside they are full of torment. Justice may be found in the next life. The wrongdoer may be denied greater things in the next life.

Know that God is fair and just. He will make all things right, when he is able to, in the right way and in the right time. He does his work in an organized and careful way. He knows the hearts, sorrows, experiences of all, as he weighs judgment.

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