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Thought Fifteen

Secret Oaths


Some eternal principles can be used for both good and evil. Much like a knife, which can be employed to prepare food or to kill. Secret oaths are used in a very dark way, but are also vital to the light side as well.

Thoughts of secret oaths bring images of street gangs showing their colors, and getting your butt kicked to get in. Thoughts of the Mafia come to mind, with the Godfather giving orders. And the kiss of death when orders are disobeyed. The local police chief is bought off to look the other way. The college fraternity with alumni in high places, having Judges, Senators, CEOs to rub shoulders with. In some ways, good depiction's of secret oaths that form secret societies, just at different levels.

Secret oaths with secret societies have been the cause of great evil in the general society. Evil participants use oaths to promise to cover for each other after committing horrendous crimes. With the more powerful societies, full protection from prosecution is given to the members for committing murders and divers thefts. Ambitious member can become extremely wealthy.

With great wealth, members are able to rise to positions of great power. Mayors, Governors, Judges at all levels, Congressmen, Senators, and even Presidents and Prime Minister have come to power through secret societies. With lots of money, positions of power are easier to obtain.

Once in power they use their influence to protect and help enrich their brothers in the oath. Have you heard of the $400.00 toilet seat? Why do many in power not go to jail for the same crime the common man commits?

With time the secret society will corrupt, choke, and eventually destroy the goodness of the larger society. This sickness can and does infect and eventually destroy nations with corruption.

These evil secret societies have always existed, and are alive and well today. Without a vigilant public they continue to grow stronger everyday.

Partaking of the secret oaths of evil is directly linked to the meaning of selling ones soul. Once a person has taken the secret oath, leaving the secret society usually becomes impossible. Most of the time the only way out is death. If one turns against the society it may mean death for both the participant and his family. If one reveals his secret oaths or the secret societies participants to an outsider, it means death, or a supposed accident or suicide.

Once a person has taken the secret oath, obedience to higher ups is required. Enough disobedience to commands means death. Participants of evil societies give up much liberty to higher ups, always have the threat of death over their heads, and have basically sold their souls for a little wealth that is ill gained. They have no one to run to, because their believed refuge may unknowingly be a member of the society, meaning death. The brothers of the society have the power to cover up any deaths. Bullets can change direction in midair according to some.

Even some Heads of State, including the United States, take orders from higher ups in a secret society. At this level of secret society, the line between good and evil is not so clear. There is not always agreement among members in such elite societies. A battle of good and evil is fought within the society, but kept within the knowledge of the society.

Some members would take mankind on a path of liberty and freedom for all, while others would oppose liberty for self elevation and enrichment. Many promote liberty while empowering and enriching themselves by ill conceived manipulations of others. And many favor divers forms of population control in the name of nature preservation. Some of the used methods are very brutal. I doubt their own are on the agenda for population control.

Many at this level follow the "end justifies the means rule". The means is very evil and destructive to many lives, yet the goal of liberty or some other noble cause is the end. Sometimes only manipulations and force can overcome tyranny, but at great cost. In some cases the end and the means are just plain evil, and find opposition in the secret society.

No one is forced to become a member of a secret society. The participant must desire membership and willingly take the oath. Thoughts of riches, power, and sometimes camaraderie are the motives to enter the oath. Many don't understand the full responsibility of the oath when taking it, but find out later after it is to late.

Secret oaths with a secret society are also necessary to organize a higher and righteous society as well, although the evil ones leave a taint of misunderstanding upon the good ones. It has not always been and is not always safe to openly discuss religious ideas.

Throughout time tyrants have used their power to blind the minds of their subjects to elevate their own authority. They have engrained, by the power of the sword, certain religious and ideological beliefs into their people. They do this to control the hearts and minds of the people. They place their chosen, and well compensated priests, to lead the people in worship. The priests preach doctrine that would empower a ruler, and bring the fear of God against rebellion to the tyrants abuses.

Any books, competing religions, or organizations promoting free thought are forbidden, keeping the commoner less likely to want a voice and freedom from tyranny. The ignorant are much easier to control than the enlightened and educated.

This process, in some societies, has gone on for hundreds of years. This blindness becomes so instilled over generations in the hearts of the commoner that the lie becomes ingrained into his culture and religious belief. It can become so much so, that he will fight to the death to protect a lie.

With the masses blinded by tradition, one who would speak the truth risks persecution. Fear is the power that keeps the masses ignorant and resistant to the truth. Fear of the sword and damnation.

The process starts with a quick butcher of all opposed to the tyrant and his new religion. All opposing books of knowledge find their way to a fire. The process continues with the heretic label. Anyone searching for the truth, caught trying to read the truth, or disagreeing with the tyrants brand of religion is labeled a heretic. The heretic is then put to death with fire to rid society of supposed evil.

The world has not always known the freedom of religion and thought we have today in so many places. In some ways freedom is a very recent right being enjoyed. Yet many of the cultural effects created by tyrants still remain.

Because of this fact, free thinkers have needed a safe haven to explore truth and higher truth without fear of persecution and death.

Free thinkers throughout time have used secret oaths to recognize brothers in the secret society of free thought. Once the brother was recognized, he felt safe to explore ideas not safe to discuss outside the society. The more trusted an individual became, the more keys he was given to gain access to more risky discussions of thought and society discoveries. Discoveries that would be destroyed by the tyrants power if found. In some cases the secret society may be a church different to that of the state.

There is an even more important use of secret oaths among the righteous. Not all truths should be given to everyone. Government intelligence agencies understand this fact. You don't want plans for a nuclear bomb being placed into everyone's hands, for obvious reasons. You don't want higher knowledge that could be used for evil finding its way into evil hands.

God also understands this truth. He realizes many of the great things he will teach the worthy would be used for evil and destruction in the wrong hands. He also uses secret oaths to keep this from happening.

God must trust one to use knowledge for good before he will apprentice them in higher things. God must also trust one to keep his teachings secret from those not ready. The more one is trusted, the more keys to knowledge God will reveal. Each step requires an oath of secrecy or nondisclosure, to protect the knowledge from the wrong hands.

The penalty for breaking the oath and revealing the secret knowledge is most severe. With the revealing or selling of the higher knowledge under oath comes the loss of all trust in the eyes of God. The transgressor of the oath will be cut off from all future training from the hands of God. The effect will be a halt to progression, which is damnation.

God starts with trivial bits of knowledge to put under oath. As the person proves their ability to keep trivial matters secret, not that they are a secret, but that they are kept secret, God will begin to reveal higher and more meaningful truths. Once faithful to higher truths, all truths will be revealed till revealed in full.

God is wise in all that he does. He loves all his creations dearly. He would reveal all to everyone if they could be trusted. His decisions are careful and thoughtful to protect the well being of all.

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