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Thought Eleven


Obstacles to Realizing Truth


As one begins to realize the higher truths about all existence, a burning desire to share what they have learned forms in their heart. The enthusiasm to share their new found treasures of understanding is quickly extinguished by walls of disinterest. That disinterest, if ignored, can lead to opposition and outright persecution for the one trying to share what they have found. The enlightened one is left baffled by the lack of interest, by the seemingly intelligent, to examine the evidence available about profound truths. The enlightened one must search for comrades to fellowship with in discussions of truth, or be left very alone in a world of ignorance.

The obvious question always finds it way to the feet of the enlightened. Why is there so much resistance to exploring new truths? Why is there so much disinterest in researching answers to profound truths?

The beginning to understanding the answers to these questions starts with one statement. Technology is dangerous in the wrong hands. You don’t give a machine gun to a guerilla, a nuclear bomb to a mad man, or the power to create life to a pervert. This is an eternal truth that will never change.

The higher intelligence's understand this truth. There are laws in higher societies than our own that govern the spread of technology. Man has been prevented from discovering or using technologies considered forbidden at our level of development.

It is possible that resistance to exploring profound truth has been built into our DNA makeup by the higher intelligence. Without that resistance, mankind would be much more advanced technologically than he is now. His technology could advance beyond his spiritual development to use that technology. Would that be good?

The resistance to new truth has definitely been bred into our ancestors. Free thinkers have usually been a threat to the power structure of a society. The king believes he has a devine right to rule, appointed by the church. Or the king is the head of the church, supported by the priests. This is a power structure that has existed throughout history, in all cultures. When the free thinker has evidence contrary to the dogma of the church, he becomes a threat to the kings devine right to rule. If the dogma of the church is shown infallible, then the kings right to rule is on an infallible foundation. Most rulers will jealously guard their right to rule, and the foundation upon which their right rests.

To guard the foundation of their right to rule, the favorite tool of the king is an inquisition. It may have many names, but the principle is the same. Anyone who teaches contrary to the religion of the king is branded a heretic and put to death. Any book that teaches against the religion of the king is branded an abomination and burned in the fire. Any new ideas not accepted by the king puts the promoter of such in great risk.

Being a free thinker can get you a death sentence. Dead people don’t have kids. The genes of the free thinker are not past on. The gene pool of society is diminished of free thinkers. Those who don’t think freely follow the kings propaganda blindly. The blind live on and have kids. The gene pool of those who follow blindly is increased in a society.

The practice of freedom of speech is very rare, compared to the long history of our ancestors. The affect of the selected breeding will not be reversed so quickly. Most people will have an ingrained resistance to researching beyond the accepted norms of their society. Just as a cat will want to chase, and dog will want to bark, man will want to ignore evidence of truth. It is just how it is. It goes against his sense of security and comfort.

Money is the preferred source of control now. You may not lose your life, but you will lose your job if your idea is off the accepted path and agenda of the elite, your boss’s boss. Money can buy unlimited media propaganda to paint you a fool, an evil doer. The truth can be twisted to blackball you from your chosen profession, your credibility in that profession. Most prefer to keep quiet so they can make a living.

Religion is the foundation of profound truth for many. It is a place they find a sense of security and comfort. Aspects of religion have been very useful in the development of mankind and society. But a religion that is the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me, would be rejected instantly by most people, because it would go beyond or against the norms and traditions of society. It is like a child being told there is no Santa Claus, but now it is the adult being told. A false reality that brought joy is shattered by coming to the truth, a step so few want to take. It is a hard step to absorb, when it means letting go of long held beliefs, a comfort zone. A pure religion would be useless, because so few would accept it. God must work with many diluted religions to have any impact on his creations.

The light will not come to you, because the bringer knows you won’t accept it when it arrives. You must look for it. It is not as much about faith as you have been taught. The evidence is available everywhere in our modern world, if you’ll but open your eyes. Put the pieces together and you’ll see the big picture.

Pray for help and you will be led. Ask and you will be told. Knock, and the door will open. Know the question for that which you want an answer. The real truth will set you free. But there is always more truth to learn.

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