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Thought Thirteen



The doubter will ask how God or a prophet of God can tell the future years before something will happen. Yes, it is possible for some of it to be coincidence. The rest is easily achieved when shown by higher intelligence. Only lower intelligence's are intrigued and baffled by prophecy, due to ignorance to higher principles.

Prophecy is accurate and achieved using cause and effect principles. The old farmer will plant his seeds with full understanding of the results. His young grandson will stand in awe as the seeds grow out of the ground. Did the old farmer correctly prophecy the results of planting the seeds?

The old farmer plants his seeds, then realizes the forecast calls a long drought. The old farmer proclaims, "These seeds will not bring a crop." Will the old farmers prophecy come true?

A wise man will prophecy the destruction of a nation. He can be sure of his prophecy because he understands history and knows what has caused destruction in the past. He sees the activities that lead to destruction around him and is easily able to prophecy the results. At times God will reveal in greater detail the destruction he sees in the hearts of the wicked so his prophet can prophecy in greater detail.

When a righteous man is surrounded by corruption and immorality he can easily prophecy destruction. A corrupt and immoral nation fills with crime and becomes weakened from within. This nation will then be destroyed by civil war or an enemy nation in its weakened state.

The corrupt and immoral will not see their destruction coming because they are blinded by their own behavior. Because they believe their behavior is the norm, since it is widespread, they will defend it with heated emotion. They will ignore the logical destructive results to society caused by their behavior, angered by the thought of change. Or they are to proud to acknowledge mistakes made, refusing to accept the collective results of their behavior.

Prophets of this type of prophecy are generally not accepted by their peers and generally face persecution or possible death. Preaching against corrosive behavior can make one many enemies in a hurry. Also exposing the dark societies to the light puts the prophet at high risk to death.

Some prophets are given knowledge of events that can be hundreds, and possibly thousands of years in the future. Long term prophecy is usually guided by God through men he inspires, or allows to be inspired. One might call these men markers. Some women are markers as well. These markers are not always righteous, but are used to guide prophecy.

God, a much higher intelligence, proclaims an event that will happen through his prophet. Then he uses markers to guide the event to happen without spoiling the test this life is for those upon the earth.

God inspires men to develop technologies and lead world events when he is ready for the results of such to occur. He understands what mankind will do with technologies and ideas, because he has mastered human psychology and sociology. When he is ready for a prophecy to occur, he inspires or allows inspiration to a marker that will result in the prophesied event.

Most people are followers and go with the crowd. The rest are stuck in the crowd and forced along. This means it only takes a marker to guide prophesy.

Think of the great changes technology has made. The printing press, the computer, the television, the gun, the atomic reaction. Are these technologies that may lead to the fulfillment of prophecy?

Men that are possible markers may be Martin Luther, Columbus, Einstein, Hitler, Mohammed, George Washington, Jesus, Buddha. There are many throughout time, and many unknown ones. Where would mankind be without some of these markers? Could the life's these men led lead the fulfillment of prophecy?

There may be more than one possible marker for each event that will occur. If one marker refuses to act upon given inspiration, another will be in place to continue the path of prophetic progression.

Once the marker responds to inspiration, God places the power of his spirit with him. When the marker speaks in the progression of prophecy, power is given to his words in the hearts of followers. That power sets into motion the fulfillment of a prophecy.

God knew about airplanes, cars, atomic energy, ect long before those on the earth had such. God knew he would inspire men at a future time to development such. He also knew technology would be used for good and evil. Once the results of technology is understood, it is not hard to inspire prophecy regarding the good and bad results of such.

The only controlling factor is in regards to the timing of the results of technology. God will inspire the development of the technology only when he is ready for the results, which keeps the timeline of prophecy on track.

Some aspects of prophecy are directly controlled by God. He may send a drought, as proclaimed by a prophet. The earth may shake, a volcano may erupt. These events will not effect the test of man, because they can be written off as nature taking its course. Yet these events can guide the course of mankind.

Prophecy is not hard to understand once one realizes it is based on cause and effect principles. It is not magic, just events understood by higher intelligence.

One of the great events prophesied about is the end of the world. Tales of a great war and then the return of a messiah fill many books of theology. Is believing such so difficult when understanding cause and effect lead one to such a conclusion?

Advancing technology is the key to understanding this prophecy. There was a time that when men went to war it was hand to hand combat. One man could only kill one man at a time. Technology led to more effective killing methods, where one man could kill several men at a time. With the advance of technology, one weapon can now kill millions.

It is just a matter of time until this technology and some even more dangerous will fall into hands with no moral character. This will lead to many unworthy hands with great destructive ability. Responsible powers will have no ability to stop the horrendous destruction of a tyrant or fanatic. During a crazed moment a fragile pride will be bruised and a great destruction will begin. Where will the retaliations end? Is any one really certain how this may effect the Earths orbit?

The destruction will be out of man's ability to repair. A higher intelligence stepping in to correct the damage caused by man will be the only way to save the Earth. The survivors will know there is a God when his great power is shown in protecting his Earth.

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