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Thought Five


Reincarnation is a subject that has been debated from before recorded history. For some it is the big solution to three big questions. Where did we come from, what are we doing here, and where are we going? For others it is the sign of a true heretic, which contradicts true teachings. The question has sharply divided religions, sects, and even a pope from his emperor. Much has been written on the subject, but I will focus only on what I feel I should write, which at times may intentionally be vague. Some things should be researched, thought and prayed about, not just told. There is plenty of material out there already which can be researched.

The principle of reincarnation, like so many other teachings, has been corrupted so that one man can feel he is better than another. Instead of having spiritual significance, it has become carnal. If you are born poor, it is only because you were evil in your last life. Many would have the poor confined to a life with no opportunity to elevate themselves, cause they were supposed evil in a prior life. This is often not the truth. The truly evil use this justification to protect their own financial opportunity? The improper teaching of reincarnation makes a nice rationalizing tool to cover your guilt feelings, after abusing your servant or slave. The slave deserves harsh treatment, cause he is obviously evil being born a slave, some may conclude.

Some rulers were convinced that teaching reincarnation was a threat their own divinity, and therefore a threat to their right to rule. How can a ruler feel special, and make others believe he is special, if all come from the same place? Rulers will guard the foundation of their authority jealously, and at all costs, when the foundation is threatened. Traditions have been shaped by the sword, and now talk of reincarnation is considered heresy by many.

I can’t rule out the many who sincerely misunderstood reincarnation, and have condemned it with passion. It may interfere with the comfort they feel with a belief system. Maybe they didn’t have the resources to consider it fully.

To truly understand reincarnation, one must understand creation. As explained in earlier thoughts, all existence is made up of intelligence. The spirit of man starts as an idea. Ideas combine to form intelligence. The intelligence, if combined with the right other intelligence, becomes a life, as we understand life. That early life, in the form of intelligence, is not ready for life as mankind. The level of intelligence needed just isn’t there. Its first incarnation will be something much lower. The first incarnation may be that of a virus, and maybe something lower. After several life's and the mastery of that level of life, the intelligence moves on to something requiring a little more intelligence. With each life the intelligence grows through experience, preparing it for the next level.

The path to becoming mankind may have taken several routes. Two life forms may be considered equal, and mastering only one of the equals is required to advance to the next level. Mastering the life of a ant may be equivalent to mastering the life of a bee. Mastering both may not be required.

After many, many life's the intelligence nears being ready to incarnate as mankind. I believe the incarnations prior to that of mankind may be that of a dog, a cat, a dolphin, etc. The reasons people love these animals goes beyond the social abilities of these animals.

The early incarnations as a dog will be that of a wild dog. A wolf, a fox, a coyote. The incarnations will progress to that of domesticated dog. The dog will gain much experience around mankind before becoming mankind.

Becoming mankind is an incredible accomplishment, if you consider the path it took to get there.   If you ponder this thought, it should deepen your respect for all people.   Are you the King your first time around as mankind. I doubt it. Your first life as human started in humble ways, foraging the land not much different than a wild pack of dogs would. With each life as mankind you advanced to more civilized societies, and to more elect births within those societies, if your behavior merits it.

After mastering mankind you will incarnate into something greater and smarter than mankind. With each advance usually comes a longer life span. You eventually reach a final incarnation, the resurrection that is taught to many, when you become master of spirit and body. You will have power to incarnate at will, and death is required no longer. Yet your training does not end there though. Your increase in intelligence and experience will continue forever.

Some teachings of reincarnation do not follow the natural progression of an intelligence. One life you are a man, and the next you are a cow, as taught by some. The intelligence of a cow is much different than that of a man. This is not a natural reincarnation, and unlikely to happen, which is partly why the teaching of any form of reincarnation has gained some resistance. A natural reincarnation is from lesser intelligence to greater intelligence. Yet equally naive is to believe God snapped his fingers and the spirit of a man appeared. The spirit of man is the product of much guidance to gain experience from the great one's.

The truth of reincarnation explains the many anomalies of life. The ability to do many things at birth is called instinct. Some animals can run shortly after birth. Understanding how to run at birth is not an ability born in their genes, although the physical ability comes in the genes. This ability comes with experience from a previous life. Instinct is ability from a previous life.

There are small children that can work wonders on a piano by ear. You may wonder how they do that, when you can barely put a couple of notes together. That ability was not developed in this life. Their ability was developed in a former life.

There are men who swear they are a woman inside. It is possible they experienced several life's as a woman prior to being born a man, and yes, they feel like a woman. There are different lessons to be learned as male than female, both equally important for progression. By acting on their feelings, they are denying the lessons that need to be learned as male.

Events of past life's can definitely effect feelings in this life. Many children have a built in fear of snakes and spiders. Other phobias can be attributed to events of a former life, although the source is unknown in this life.

Reincarnation also puts new meaning into the phrase, "What goes around comes around". Or "You sow what you reap." Your behavior in this life effects the choices you get for the next.

If your behavior is evil, your choices may be limited to a bad beginning. If you dominated and abused your wife, you may come back as an unfortunate woman, to be dominated. If you abused your slave, you’ll come back as a slave. If you mocked and took advantage of the less fortunate, you will have lessons of understanding and empathy in the next. If you murdered, you may be sent back to primitive conditions, or sent back from being human.  But don't use poor circumstances a person is born with as a definite indicator of their past.  There are many reasons a person is born in a poor circumstance. It may be their first life as human, they may have chose it as a opportunity to grow or to help a kindred spirit.  The reasons are many, so  be careful how you judge.

If your behavior is good, you are given many more choices. You may choose to advance to a much better life. The better the behavior the more the choices. If you are ready, you may choose to advance beyond human. You may choose to return to a bad family to help a kindred spirit. You may choose an unpleasant life because there are lessons and experiences you feel that life could give you. You may choose to start at the bottom, because you want the challenge and respect of rising to the top.  Before entering a new life, it may be your plan to learn a few lessons and then die young.

Often life cycles run in families. The grandfather will be the great grandson in the next life. How the person treated his offspring will directly effect how he is treated in the next life. If the father taught his offspring correct principles and treated them well, is it not more likely those blessings will be passed down? If the father ditched town, the family cycle may fall apart, and a new family cycle may need to be started. Or a new spirit welcomed in to complete the family cycle. Although worthy of greater things, you may choose to return human to help your family cycle.

Life is like going to school. Between lives you return home to be with kindred spirits and find peace for a season. With God our Fathers or Mothers help we plan and prepare for the next life using the choices earned as a guide.

Some choose not to return to school. Life is hard at times, and many choose to drop out and not return for another life. Some choose to become trouble makers, instead of returning to school. They are the mostly unseen forces around us, who would tempt us to fail. Because they have failed, they want those who are still progressing to fail.

Life is a refiners fire. Adversity gives strength. A person with deep compassion, wisdom and understanding through experience reaches his graduation day. They have become the master of spirit and body, and have no need of reincarnation.   This final reincarnation may be considered a resurrection, a body that never dies.They are now ready and trusted to be trained in the truly greater things. Their choices are full. A shepherd they become, to guide the lesser, if they choose. A builder they become, to organize worlds, if they choose. Eternity is a long time, so they’ll probably experience all opportunities on the list eventually.

Reincarnation tells you the truth. You cannot run from yourself, cause you’ll come back as you, in a new body. You are the Captain of your ship. If you want good choices, you must be good. If you want to be happy, start today working toward being happy, as no one else can give you a lasting happiness. Be careful not to judge someone's condition, cause you know not why they are there, and you may end up there yourself. The seemingly lowly may have came from on high to serve their kindred. There is purpose to this life, so make the most of it. And there is light at the end of the tunnel, so keep at it. Don’t wait to die to find your blessing.   Find your joy and happiness now, find the positive path today.

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