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Thought Two

The Organization

of Sorigence


It has been said, "As a man thinks, so he becomes".   Every thought, moment and element of learning one realizes and experiences, essentially becomes part of his/her intelligence and the underlying fabric of their being.

All aspects of existence will grow in intelligence and become more of what it collectively learns, experiences, or duplicates through introspection. Most of the growth of existence (of what we see and can't see) is a natural process of the sorigence duplicating into more of what it already is through introspection. The forms of sorigence that duplicate relatively quickly drown out the forms of sorigence that do not duplicate quickly, naturally forming most of the matter and non-matter with time.

The formation of an intelligence can also be guided by a conscious being. By guiding what an intelligence learns and experiences you can assist what the intelligence becomes.

A person who studies to be a doctor, gradually develops the skills of a doctor. A person learning to be a builder will evenually be a builder, becoming more so with each new job experience. How can sorigence be formed into an intelligence of a person, dog, tree or a rock?

Proven patterns can be followed to form the type of intelligence desired, much like following the recipe to bake a cake. Following the directions and adding the ingredients will produce the desired result.

Let us imagine different letters of the alphabet symbolize different ingredients as forms of sorigence. The creator wants to form the spirit of a man. The recipe for the spirit of a man consists of A,G,Y and K. What will happen when the creator guides the intelligence of A to experience G,Y and K? The spirit of a man will be formed. Maybe the recipe for a dog is G,J, and K. And the recipe for a tree is G,Y and Z.

Ingredient G may be what gives the intelligence life, making it a living being. And ingredient K is what gives the intelligence the ability to make choices, to do good or evil, a conscious.   While ingredient A may be what makes an intelligence uniquely man.

The sorigence forming the intelligence of a rock may be made of D,E and F. The rock lacks ingredients G and K, making it non living and unable to choose. But the sorigence of the rock continues and duplicates forever.

Some intelligences are much greater and complex than others. Two main factors that determine the greatness of an intelligence are the length of time of formation and the ingredients of the formation.

Every day each one of us lives we become more of something. It may have taken millions of years for one person to have reached the level of intelligence he/she possesses. His/her formation began as the sorigence of an idea. What level of intelligence will this being contain is another million years? Through natural progression the being will become significantly more of something.

Some forms of sorigence are much more beneficial than others to attaining greatness. Some forms slow progression while others speed it up. The ingredients of life and the ability to choose are two that lead to the greatness of an intelligence.   Early in their development, some intelligences are chosen to be led in their formation. A much higher conscious being will guide the intelligence to higher abilities. Once the intelligence has gained the ingredients of life and choice, it slowly gains control over the direction of its own growth. What the being does with its life and choice greatly affects whether further desired guidance is given from a higher conscious being.

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