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Thought Six


The common man has been teased by thoughts of the unknown in the skies for a long time. By some accounts, this mystery has plagued mankind for hundreds, maybe thousands of years.

Although many claim to have witnessed the awe of this higher technology, coming up with solid proof appears impossible. The governments of the world seem to offer little help solving the mystery, and often appear to get in the way of knowing the truth.

An effort of propaganda to belittle the believers of U.F.O's   has been effective, beating back serious inquiry on the matter.

Since proof of the existence of U.F.O.’s is evasive, one is left to speculate on their reality.

Consider the countless stars that exist in the sky. Our most powerful telescopes are not able to see the ends of the Universe. We have little ability to identify the more than countless planets which orbit the countless stars in an endless Universe.

Our speculation must lead to mathematics and probabilities. With Innumerable planets in our Universe, what are the odds that another planet capable of sustaining life exists?   The probabilities are very high, condsidering the numerous forms of life found on just our earth.

Intelligent life develops with time. Where was mankind even one hundred years ago? Where will mankind be in another hundred or even thousand years? Without outside help, could man eventually develop technologies to travel the Universe?

Could there be intelligent life from another world that has had more time for technological development? Might mankind be intellectual lightweights compared to another species? With countless worlds as a variable, the odds tend to favor such a reality.

This leads to the next question on the U.F.O's. If they exist, why have they not contacted us and made themselves known?

The ability to travel the universe requires higher technology compared to our own. To expose themselves would also mean exposing their technology. These technologies could be very dangerous in the wrong hands.   As the old saying goes, monkey see, monkey do.   Before long, after copying what is seen, good spacecraft could be in the hands of regular people.   Imagine the damage that could be caused by just one upset person with a good spacecraft.   This person could travel to the astroid belt, hook up to an astroid, and tow it back towards the Earth.   The collision of an astroid towed into the Earth could destroy all life on Earth.   One good spacecraft is more dangerous than all the nukes on the earth.

Giving technologies to a lower species that is not ready for it is a serious crime for a higher species, and a higher society. Careful guidelines must be followed when doing so.   They do not reveal themselves for good reason.

Mankind has a long ways to go before he is ready for contact with a more intelligent species. He must alter his understanding of his existence and relinquish his desire to dominate. Domination has no need in a higher society.

There is one more loose end on the U.F.O. question. Why does the government appear to be covering up something regarding U.F.O's?
There are some among us who have become trusted with the higher technolgy found in advanced spacecraft.   This trust was built with initiations into societies that protect dangerous technologies.   As a person is found to be safe with these technologies, and responsible in not revealing them, they are given more.   The knowledge of U.F.O.'s is above top secret, and for good reason.   And those in government will guard this knowledge any way they can.

The study of ancient sites and writings is also a path to understanding the meaning of U.F.O.’s. Many thoughtful scholars have documented the many wonders these sites possess. These scholars have much more knowledge on the subject than myself, which you can find with a little research. Other knowledge regarding these sites and their builders has been passed down through the ages using secret societies.

The Great Pyramid of Egypt is the symbol of the knowledge to those who know. Not a hard choice for a symbol. It’s massive size is a wonder in its self, built with some of its blocks weighing over 70 tons. We are still trying to understand how the blocks were moved, and placed with such precision. It has a precession alignment to the stars of 10,500 BC , a feature replicated at other sites around the world. It has an almost true north/south alignment, quite a feat for such a large structure. The Great Pyramid is built on a almost perfectly level foundation of 13 acres. It sits on the center of all land masses of the Earth. It has mathematical equations that relate to the earth built in its design.

We are just recently starting to understand some of the technologies and sciences that went into designing and building such a grand structure, and other sites around the world. The stories we are told about who built the great pyramid does not match up with abilities of those supposed builders. We still don’t have the ability to replicate such a project. The evidence shows the builders were advanced beyond our abilities today.

The advanced ones have left the Earth a sanctuary and training ground for mankind. They have realized the level of mankind   to be important on the path of reincarnation, the development of an intelligence. Many problems occur without the level of mankind. They have left our view on the Earth and use their influence only from behind the scenes. They are missionaries to us, who try to guide us and develop our spirituality. That spirituality and sophistication they try to build in us is what will make us trusted with their knowledge and technology. They are what man will become on his next level of reincarnation, yet not masters of reincarnation.

They have free choice, just as we have free choice. Some of them lose their spirituality and become evil. They would use their superior abilities to dominate and abuse mankind, a trait of mankind. There are laws against such interference, and the penalty is harsh enough to keep most away from such behavior. The truly evil will be sent back to the earth to reincarnate as mankind once again, cast from their place on high, or they may drop out of the school of progression instead.

Although given in subtle ways, the powers that be are beginning to tell us the truth about our reality. TV, newspapers, scripture, and in available books offer pieces to the puzzle of truth. One piece alone offers little to seeing the big picture. But as the pieces fit together a picture of truth begins to form. They are slowly increasing our technology and understanding so we are more ready when they make themselves known again. They are preparing us for a reuniting with them.

Not everyone is ready for a journey in search of the truth. You cannot feed a baby a steak. A man who is not hungry for truth will not want to eat, and will resist being fed. So they are very subtle in revealing themselves. But once the journey has started, the truth will set you free.

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