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Thought One

From where is

the beginning?


It is amazing to observe the beauty of our world. The oceans, the mountains, the plants, the animals and the stars all bring wonderment when the time is taken to ponder their greatness. During the precious moments enjoying what this Earth offers, one must eventually ask, "From where did it all come?"

The quick and easy answer is, "God created everything." This satisfies the curiosity of most, leaving a few left to ask, "If God created everything, who created God?" If a seed or a big bang created God, where did the seed or the big bang come from? How can something come from nothing?

As one searches for council on this subject he/she is often told something like, "You aren’t supposed to know these things" or "We can’t understand these things in this life." This renders the search for the answer discouraged and off track.

Before most of us are able to find the answer to our question, the routine of daily life returns and the search is postponed for another day and possibly another life.

But you must not be put off, because understanding the answer to this kind of question is like nurturing a profound seed.   This particular seed is the beginning of truly understanding all things and so you need to appreciate that it takes time to grow. This seed is delicate and so it must be regularly attended with care.   It must be pondered in the delight of discovering its magnificent potential and its manifold meaning.   As it begins to bud its perfume of enlightenment will draw you closer.

This seed - nurtured by your pondering and care -   will eventually grow and turn into the trunk for many branches of understanding.   Because of the routine of daily life often the seed is forgotten and dies, but with a little effort it will produce fruit.

The source of all creation has no beginning or end and has always existed.   All thought, all consciousness, all ideas, all intelligence, all existence has been formed and will continue to be formed from this most refined source, both tangible and intangible, living and nonliving.   It has as many forms as there are infinite numbers.   Having an eternal nature, it cannot be created or destroyed, but can be duplicated and intertwined with forms of itself infinitely through learning and introspection producing the weave of all existence.   The source of all creation I will name sorigence: the source and original essence of all that is.  

Ideas form from sorigence, combining into a weave of intelligence, and possible consciousness.

The sorigence of an idea can be discovered and forgotten. But the sorigence of an idea cannot be created or destroyed.   The idea's sorigence has no beginning and will have no end, it is eternal.   However, the sorigence of any idea can be duplicated and combined.

Let me illustrate how an idea's sorigence can be duplicated and combined.   Imagine there are 30 students in a math class with one teacher. All of the students are completely unlearned in relation to addition.   If they are paying attention, each of the students learns from the teacher that 1+1=2. Now I ask, have the students gained in intelligence by learning that 1+1=2?   Yes! Has the source of the student's increased intelligence lessened or decreased? In other words, has the teacher decreased in intelligence by teaching the students? No! If the students have increased and the teacher has not decreased, from where did the increase in intelligence in the students come from?

The answer is that something (the increase in intelligence) emerges from nothing (the absence of increase in intelligence) through learning, the duplication of sorigence.   The sorigence of the idea 1+1=2 duplicated and combined with the students existing intelligence. Every idea learned is an addition to the fabric of all existence. This is a process that has and will go on forever.

What does this mean? In part it means the material available for creation is in infinite supply. It means the formation of creation will go on forever. All existence grows at all times. Is it any wonder the largest telescopes cannot even come close to seeing the end of creation?

The source of intelligence (eternal sorigence) is in infinite supply because of its ability to duplicate, but how can intelligence become tangible matter? Realizing that intelligence can be converted into energy is the beginning to understanding this process.

This happens every time your spirit instructs your body to move, by thought. When you move, your intelligence sends a signal - a thought - a form of energy, to your body. If thought could not convert to energy, it would have no capacity to send the signal or control the energy to send the signal to your body. Thought is energy, just as energy is mass.

Understanding that thought can convert into energy points the way to the path to understanding the secrets of miracles. With a little pondering and care you will see the possibilities.

Positive intelligence emits and can become light, just as light and energy can be converted into one another. A positive person will have a glow about them. A happy person will have an attractive shine coming through. The spiritually sensitive will feel that positive energy. Higher intelligence's will literally emit light from the greatness of their being.

Light is made of little pieces called photons. It may take tremendous intelligence to make a photon. Countless photons make up a sunbeam. These photons travel the speed of light in waves. The photons from the sun convert back into energy when they hit the earth, which heats the Earth.

Photons do have mass, as minute as their mass might be. Light mass is demonstrated by its ability to be pulled into a black hole. Something with mass shows itself to be tangible. The concentration of much energy, combining to the corresponding pattern, forms different elements. Most of this process is naturally occurring, forming our tangible existence.  

The opposite can also happen. Elements can be broken down back into their energy form. Two examples of this are fire and nuclear reaction. Both turn components of an element back into energy.

Imagine the amount of duplicated and combined sorigence just one rock contains. The thought is mind boggling. The formation of matter doesn’t happen over night. We don’t recognize it happening before our eyes. The formation of matter is a very slow process, with most of what we see occurring in the infinity before us.

Although the process is usually very slow, all things grow in intelligence   - duplicated and combined sorigence - everyday. All things tend to become more of what they already are, unless guided by a conscious or higher intelligence. Even outer space is made of intelligence and grows. Some describe this great growth as a big bang, but might it be a big expansion or growth of the universe?   Earlier big bang theorists believed the big bang expansion should - according to their understanding of physics - be slowing down.   Using supernovas as indicators, and to the surprise of many, it was discovered the expansion of the universe is speeding up.   On a small scale, the growth of the universe is so slow that it is virtually undetectable.   But when examined on a very large scale, there are indicators of this growth.

The beginning of all existence is not a place, nor an event in time, nor was it ever created.   It is the eternal sorigence.

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